Open letter to George Galloway MP

Dear Mr. Galloway,

We have already addressed you concerning your statement regarding the definition of rape during the Muslim Women’s Council meeting on 12th September.  We continue to believe that your original statement was not only misinformed, but a dangerous misunderstanding of the law that many people may believe to be accurate. We believe that many people will be at more risk of being raped or perpetrating rape, until you remove or edit your podcast, and issue a public retraction and accurate clarification of the law covering sexual consent.  For clarity, we ask that this is made outside of the context of the Assange case.  Sexual violence can cause long term unemployment and disability for survivors, most commonly due to the resultant mental health issues. It also requires many specialist services, such as Operation Topaz (West Yorkshire Police rape unit), West Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service (rape and serious sexual offences unit) and many more within the voluntary sector, which are all under huge demand.  The preventative approach to champion clarity on sexual consent will not only prevent the crime of sexual violence, it will be financially advantageous for the public, and personal, purse. However, at this time, we understand that you continue to stand by these comments as they are your “beliefs”.

With this in mind, we wish to formally request that you put down an Early Day Motion to address the legal, human and civil rights of all sexual violence survivors. 

We believe that this is particularly pertinent at this time due to the culture of silence and denial of sexual violence surrounding the Savile case. We believe this silence and denial is both cultural (for example in many BME communities), and institutional, (for example within the BBC).  Indeed, the voice of sexual violence survivors is systematically silenced.  Globally, rape is used as a weapon of war and oppression.  As austerity measures grip the UK, many services that are essential in giving support and legal justice for survivors (and their loved ones) are being cut or closed down completely. We believe this EDM is both crucial and timely to address these matters.

We also feel upset and disappointed that you have not publically addressed the complaints regarding the intimidation experienced online and in person to our supporters, which are now under investigation by the police.  As a result of these stressful and targeted incidents, many supporters of Bradford About Consent do not feel safe to access your surgery. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to keep a dialogue with you through email and trust you will do the same.

For more information on Bradford About Consent please see our website

Yours sincerely,

[Jill Smith]
on behalf of Bradford About Consent

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